This test is used to measure your level of extroversion, agreeableness, emotional stability, conscientiousness and openness to experience.

This is my personal test result, taken in 2020.

Life is all about keeping these 5 factors in balance.


The difference between you getting exhausted or get energy from being socially active.

  • Too extroverted and people will take a step back and you'll easily be seen as arrogant and too much in love with yourself.
  • Too introverted and people will have a hard time trying to really connect with you.

Emotional stability

This is the opposite of neuroticism, which means negative and fearful thinking.

  • Too neurotic (meaning negative and fearful thinking), well who wants that? You'll have to step up and fight your monsters in life to overcome neuroticism.
  • Everyone needs some degree of neuroticism, otherwise we would just walk of a cliff and die, because we didn't fear anything.


The difference between always pleasing others or yourself.

  • Too much agreeableness and you'll end up bitter and recentful, because you pleased everyone else but yourself.
  • Too little and you'll end up in jail. It's not a coincident that the majority of prisoners are men.


The difference between doing your duties well and thoroughly, or just procrastinating and getting nothing done in life.

  • Too much conscientiousness, and you'll never be physically or emotionally available to your family and loved ones. You'll properly end up alone, in the end.
  • Too little and you will not get anything done in life and just become a slave to your emotional reptile impulses and dopamine addiction.


The difference of being open to new experiences vs. only feeling comfortable in the known.

  • Too much openness ends in total chaos and anarchy with no rules or security.
  • Too little and people will have a hard time being together with you.

Life isn't easy and it's our own resposibility to build a strong mind and soul. Read more about the Big 5 personality traits, here.

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