Hi, I'm Ronni, an educator in computer science and a thinker with a need to share my thoughts, interested in exploring innovative ideas and connecting education of neurology, philosophy and technology together and gamifying learning processes.


Many people rarely take enough time to reflect, explore, understand and change their life, habits, personality, mental mastery, psychological scars, and other inner processes, which requires knowledge about the brain, like the psychological- and neurological domains, via a trust-based relationship, and by having the willingness to dig deep and try to understand how the past, childhood and surroundings has affected one's nervous system, personality and behavior.

This site tries to help people gain insights into valuable knowledge, about the human mind and potentials.


Create real value to others.
Spread the knowledge that I harvest.
Explore challenges and create cutting-edge solutions.
To continually develop and enhance my competencies.
Be involved in challenging work that explores my capabilities.


Be visionary and do first things first.
Focus on WIN-WIN and strive for real synergy.
Help other people get more successful in their lives.
Live by values based on human dignity, respect and synergy.
Be a good listener and seek real understanding of others' minds.