As Carl Jung said, there are 2 kinds of shadows: The Personal Shadow - The unknown / unconscious dark side of an individual personality. The Collective Shadow - The unknown / unconscious dark side of society. The Personal shadow Your personal shadow is the sum of all the unpleasant qualities you like to hide from yourself. It [...]


This simple alpha trait test will help you reveal how many alpha traits you master. Try to guess your approximate Alpha vs. Beta personality percentage. Are you 50% Alpha and 50% Beta? Go through the alpha and beta characteristics below and validate your assumption. Alpha male behavior in nature Watch how this alpha male corrects [...]


This test is used to measure your level of extroversion, agreeableness, emotional stability, conscientiousness and openness to experience. Life is all about keeping these 5 factors in balance. Extroversion The difference between you getting exhausted or get energy from being socially active. Too extroverted and people will take a step back and you'll easily be [...]


This test, also known as the Briggs-Myers personality type test, determine your preference for extroversion vs. introversion. You can take this test in a simple way, by answering the four "simple" questions below or take the more thorough test, via the green button below. The outcome is the same, a 4-letter personality type. After getting [...]


Even though you're the person who should know yourself the best, you're probably not as self-aware, as you might think. Sometimes it's an enlightenment to get more self-aware, because you discover something new about yourself that you would otherwise not know, which can be a new mental door that opens up wide and offer you [...]


Analyzing and measuring personality is an abstract and complex task, but there are some "simple" tests, which are able to estimate personality traits, tendencies and preferences.   Here are 3 different personality perspectives and tests: Jung Personality Types and Archetypes. The Big 5 Personality Traits. The Alpha Traits. JUNG PERSONALITY TYPE BIG 5 PERSONALITY TRAITS [...]