The financial market cycle consist of many repeating events and reports. Public companies deliver quarterly earning reports, that has to live up to the expectations of the analysts and shareholders. This can stire big unpredictable rings in the financial ocean and often triggers sellouts before an upcoming earnings report. Below are some of the most [...]


By definition, human philosophy is a philosophical investigation, concerned with questions such as the status of human beings in the universe and the purpose or meaning of human life. Here are some examples of philosophical questions If universal values exist, what are they? Is happiness just chemicals flowing through your brain or something more? Can [...]


To be a successful trader and investor, you need to adapt to certain habits, to be able to withstand the psychological pressure and internal fear that hits you, when the market chrashes (as we speak, may 2022). I feel with you, who've lost lots of money, in the current stock market tsunami. It takes a [...]


This is an interactive version of the Tree of Life, regarding the evolution of living things. You can explore how bacteria, insects, animals and humans evolved, through time, this is the place to explore, via a fractal tree, where you can search, zoom and jump to evolutionary stages. Try these links Tree of Life Explorer. [...]


Music is an emotional language, which most human beings, even animals, are wired to feel, via release of excitement, joy, sadness or fear neurotransmitter cocktails. Some people can't watch a horror movie, mostly because of the music and sound effects, they can't consciously and rationally detach themselves from what they see and hear, and stay [...]


Too often we tend to rush into convergent thinking (solution mode), when challenged. Convergent thinking, is about reducing (narrowing in) the option space, identify the best options and take a decision. Divergent thinking, is about exploring (opening up) for all kinds of options, in a committed and nonjudgmental atmosphere, focusing more on: QUANTITY over QUALITY [...]


As Carl Jung said, there are 2 kinds of shadows: The Personal Shadow - The unknown / unconscious dark side of an individual personality. The Collective Shadow - The unknown / unconscious dark side of society. The Personal shadow Your personal shadow is the sum of all the unpleasant qualities you like to hide from yourself. It [...]


Sorry for the suffering and loss your life has been challenged with. Lots of people care about you, even without knowing you personally, they know how life can feel, they've suffered too. Life is suffering, but most also enjoy the powerful feelings of real love, flow, happiness and hope, especially people who are kind, fair, [...]


Hormones and neurotransmitters are two types of chemical signaling molecules produced by animals, which are responsible for the behavior and attitudes of the organism. Hormones can be either proteins, lipids or cholesterol-based molecules. Neurotransmitters are proteins. The main difference between hormones and neurotransmitters is that hormones are produced in endocrine glands and are released into the blood [...]


The cool thing about the stock market is, that you can make money, both when the market goes up and down. "Buying the dip" means purchasing an asset after it has dropped in price. The belief here is that the new lower price represents a bargain as the "dip" is only a short-term blip and [...]