To be a successful trader and investor, you need to adapt to certain habits, to be able to withstand the psychological pressure and internal fear that hits you, when the market chrashes (as we speak, may 2022). I feel with you, who've lost lots of money, in the current stock market tsunami. It takes a [...]


How would you like to have your money working for you, while you're busy doing other things, like sleeping and enjoying life? What if I told you that you can make money whether the market goes up or down? Below you'll find insights into the different concepts and terms involved, like asset classes, market psychology [...]


To unleash your full potential, you need to better understand how you, as a human, function biologically, psychologically and spiritually, by identifying your desires, build faith and get your unconsciousness to help you realize your dreams and aspirations. Use the lectures and books, below, to explore who you really are, from a more fundamental human [...]


Imagine the stock market as a big battle arena where: Bulls (buyers / demand / optimism) push / gore the price up. Bears (sellers / supply / fear) slap the price down. INVESTMENT PERSONALITIES BEAR BULL CHICKEN OSTRICH PIG RABBIT SHEEP STAG TURTLE WHALE ROBOT The emotional roller coster Most new investors struggle to control [...]