This is an introduction to the game Mental Sage. An idea that started as a book on the human mind and techniques on upgrading your memory programs and way of thinking. Preparing to confront the chaos of life.

Then the idea of gamifying the learning processes made it interesting to explore the 3D gaming platforms and motivational theories on what drives humans to get in flow (get a dopamine rush) while gaming.

Today the project is defined as an educational platform, which gamifies the learning processes of mind and soul from a philosophical, psychological and mythological perspective.


The snake-like serpent or dragon biting or swallowing its own tail is a powerful symbol of infinity, and also of universal nature, of completion, perfection and totality, the endless round of embodied existence, the union of heaven and hell.

In psychology, the mythical stories of uroboros are often interpreted, as the period in life where the human child is a part of the world, in a universe of unconsciousness and fully dependent on its surrounding caregivers (mother and father), culture and environment, until the child consciently grow and develop a healthy and stable ego and self-identity, by disconnecting from its dependencies and its rulers, and starts building a personality and life of its own.

Your journey starts at the beginning of life, where you will get acquainted with some basic knowledge about how you were created, as a human.

By answering some simple questions, you will be born and teleported to your own brain. And your journey will begin.


This is your home base, where you live, inside your own brain, where you have access to the knowledge, facts and science that will help you succeed on your missions.

When you arrive home, for the first time, you enter at the bottom of your brain, at the outer periphery of the reptillian brain level, reborn into early childhood.

From here you have to grow and develop your mind, to advance to higher levels of thinking.

The dark World

In the dark world, which represents a part of your unconsciousness, your vision is restricted and you're put under pressure, by visual and auditory hallucinations and ferocious enemies, while solving different challenges, mazes, riddles and creative tasks, that'll help you on your further journey.

To advance, in the game, you'll have to acquire new skills and complete your missions.


On your journey you'll meet ignorant, manipulating and evil enemies, you can shoot or hinder in their mission, by using your weapons or actions (like throwing different objects, and such).

If the enemy touch you, you'll loose health and IQ, even die, if you don't take care of business.

To name a few:

  • Humanoid AI-agents & proximity aware robot patrols
  • Flying balls of ignorance


You're accompanied by your inner emotional chimp (the limbic system in your brain) who can be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on your ability to maintain a win-win relation with it.

Your inner chimp is located in the lower ancient layers of the brain and it has exclusive and superior control over your neuro-chemical discharges and primal senses, like

  • health, power & recovery speed
  • awaress & reaction time
  • fear, stress, hunger & happiness


The player has access to different tools and dynamic features, like shooting, creating objects and other special commands.


Used to shoot at enemies or objects, to damage, eliminate or affect the targets.


Used to create objects in the game, like spawning a new metal barrel to set up a barrier.


Used to execute commands, like the navigational "Go to" command, which moves you to the place or object you just pointed to.

Collectable OBJECTS

To advance your progress and opportunities, collect different objects and answer the questions, which will affect your credit, health and IQ.


You'll find credit coins all kind of places, which you can use to buy access to new opportunities and tools.


When you collect a brain booster, it will challenge you with a question. Depending on your answer, your credit, health and IQ will be affected in either a positive or negative way.