This PAO-Matrix download is related to the blog post: Memorizing a deck of cards, and used to master the memory palace skill.

Download type: Google Sheet.


Learning to memorize a PAO matrix might sound like a waist of time, but it will give you the ability to memorize over 3 objects in 17 places, in perfect chronological order, which is a cool and valuable skill for your mind.

The tool helps exercise memorizing a deck of playing card, and contains

  • A classic PAO matrix you can use right away and change to better fit your needs.
  • Fully configurable matrix datasets, enabling you to make your own matrix.
  • Randomized memory palace visuals.
  • Training with card quizes that helps you exercise.
  • The PAO shortcut lists offer you memorable mental shortcuts, across cards and suits.

To get more insights into the PAO technique, please read the blog post: Memorizing a deck of cards.


This is used to generate memorable associations to a deck of playing cards, and used in combination with memory palaces.


Used to chronologically memorize 17 locations with 3 cards each (51 cards), ignoring the last card, which does not have to be memorized

Offers a randomizable setup, with visuals and PAO properties, from the card matrix.

Every location (loci) can be configured visually and in the form of story telling and (PAO): Person-, Action- &Object sentences.


The card quiz, helps you exercise your PAO memory.


Mental shortcuts helps you make alternative mental navigational associations, across cards and suits.

Please Notice

This is an experimental version, developed in my spare time, which has not been tested thoroughly enough yet. But if you're curious and want to test it and give feedback, please do, it is very much appreciated.

The original PAO Matrix Sheet for download is in readonly mode. To edit or use the interactive features, make your own copy and save it to your Google Drive.

Please don't send editor requests, related to the original sheet, it will be ignored.