Hi I'm Ronni, born 1969 in Copenhagen Denmark.

I've been developing software since the 1980's. When I'm not working I love to study neurology, psychology, philosophy, financial investment and other enlightening stuff.

I made this site to contribute and help people struggling in life, by sharing some of my thoughts and knowledge.

Because most of what I post is related to neurological, psychological, philosophical and financial subjects, I think it would be right if I started out by sharing something personal about who I am. So let me share some of the phases I've experienced in life.

MY CHILDHOOD (0 - 6 years)

I grew up with two caring parents, as the first child of three, living in a small apartment in the backyard of Istedgade 84B, in central Copenhagen.

At the age of 6, my parents got into an ugly divorce and never talked to each other again.

I still remember, vividly, when my dad came heartbroken to the kindergarden and tried to tell me that their marrige was over and he had to move out. That was the day, I lost my father and alpha role model.

MY TEENS (7 - 15 years)

Then came school and I've always loved to learn new stuff and was looking forward to start in school.

But what I didn't know was, that in school I was the only one who looked foreign, with my dark Yemini look and I was fat (weighted 80 kilos / 160 pounds, as a teen) and not only that, I was circumcised, which no others, at school, had ever seen before, which made me a laughingstock, when we were bathing after sports. I was called "cut dick", when we were bathing.

Coming from a normal calm and loving home, this bullying was making me more and more introverted, so I kept my thoughts for myself, and didn't trust others, because when they were with their friends, they became different and enjoyed making me feel sad and alienated.

That is how I remember public school, the place that made me retract into myself and distrust people around me, partly because I didn't have an alpha role model who could help me become mentally strong, rational and unleash my aggressive inner dragon, when I needed to.

I only had one real friend in school, which was my male math teacher, Kim Dankel, who often invited me to his desk for a game of chess, when I was done with my math exercises.

The last years of my public school era, I was, luckily, sent to a boys-only camp for troubled teens, (all lacking a real dad in their life). At the camp there were two alpha male pedagogues, brothers actually, who helped me become what I am today (thank you, John and Jesper, even though you might not be alive today).

This place changed who I was and I started to open up and explore my identity and potential.

MY EARLY ADULT HOOD (16 - 24 years)

Feeling like an outsider and not wanting to be a pleaser all my life, just to end up bitter and resentful, I started to change into a more fearless, rebellious and independent personality.

I started mingling with other "outsiders", like myself, who too didn't have a father that was emotionally or physically available. And I started my journey trying to fit into the hierarchy of the lost boys, which was to explore any kind of challenge, no matter how silly or dangerous.

I was almost never at home, just living in the city streets of central Copenhagen, seeking daring and rewarding adventures to get relief of our high testosterone level and forget our boring life, just for the night, sleeping/living wherever possible or at friends places.

Daring adventures and experiments became an implicit part of being with the guys, which was the start of my experimental phase.

This was also when I started experimenting with music, boxing, full contact karate and thai boxing, which helped me become mentally strong, physically fit, more open-minded, self-confident, extroverted and happier.

At age 16 I met my dear wife, Helle, she was 19 when we met and I lied about my age to be 18, which of course she found out, when she was at my real 18th birthday, at my mom's place and they were discussing my age.

That was the first and last time I ever lied to Helle. But she wouldn't have picked me, if she knew that I was only 16, when we first met. That's the only time when lying was productive to me.

At age 18 I did my military service, as a team member on a Self-Propelled Cannon (M109 155mm SP Howitzer), in the Danish Armed Forces.

Kings of battle keep the fire; 1-9 FA fires its last rounds 140910-A-CW513-046.jpg

In 1989, when I was 20 years old, I rushed to the hospital, when we got our first and only child, our son Eyal.

I was becoming a father, which totally overwhelmed me, when it finally happened, and I didn't have any knowledge or insights from my father, so I was on my own to learn how to become the best dad in the world.

One day, back in 1989, my dear wife asked me, about my interest regarding a computer science education, even though I've never touched a computer before.

I’ve previously worked as a salesassistant in a hardwarestore, which was my first real educational journey and enlightenment experience.

So I started a 5 year education journey, in computer science, at Copenhagen Business College, which was perfect timing, because my wife was at home, and it made it possible for me to spend quality time with my newly started family, compared to having two stressful jobs, while being new parents.

And then my career, as a professional software engineer started. And what a privileged journey (if you like to learn and solve difficult problems).

I've been involved in so many exciting projects, met tons of inspiring and wise people, travelled the world, spend time at amazing hotels and technological conferences / events, developed my personality and social capital, you name it... I've been very lucky.

But it didn't just fall from the sky, I had to put a lot of time, energy and emotions into it. And it paid of, more that I could ever imagine.

MY ADULT LIFE (24 - ? years)

For those of you who knows what it takes to be a good parent, you know that kids needs a lot of time, energy and love, so that was what the next decades was all about, building a healthy, rational and open relationship with our son and prepare him for all the opportunities and chaos that life contains.

After a 25+ year career as a professional software engineer, I took a sabbatical period to selfstudy psychology, neurology and Unity game development, which I've always wanted to explore, and got to work at a science-based company that creates digital mobile neuro games and training programs for severely brain damaged people.

In early 2021 I wanted to get more insights into stock market investment. The investment knowledge, I continuously acquire, is available here - MAKE MONEY WORK FOR YOU.

At age 53, I felt a strong urge to give back to society, which helped me become what I am today.

I decided to give back some of my strongest values, the knowledge that I had acquired and the passion for learning. In 2022, I started as assistant professor in the computer science department at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, for the same education that I completed 25 years earlier.

Returning to my roots and re-living the excitement for technology and experiencing the students evolve.